What stories are people working on?


It’s been a little quiet around here, so I thought I’d try to prompt a discussion on what stories people are working on.

I’ll go first (bet you didn’t see that coming!).

I have a few stories I’m working on:

Robots - A children’s story about a robot invasion. I have only a few passages written, I did get a little stuck, and the project is currently on hold.

Cinderella - A children’s story about Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs. Written and completed. I’ve posted it here in another thread. My daughter and I wrote it a while back as a test to write a Choose Your Own Adventure story.

Cars - No, not the cars. It’s a racing story. You drive a race car around the track. I have a fair few passages written (in Twine), however the project is on hold. The ability to use variables has me intrigued and I’ve shelved this story until that part of Write matures. I want to use the variables to store fuel / tyre wear, even steering breakages. That way as the story progresses if you ignore certain options, you may run out of fuel or damage tyres and end up slower than the other cars or crash.

Spy - A somewhat dull spy story. It branches into very different scenarios. Going from spy to boring office worker, depending on the branching. About half of the story is written. I admit, I struggled with some of the branches, and lost interest. It’s on hold at the moment, however I will come back to it.

Dungeon Run - My current project, and most ambitious to date. I was doodling on some graph paper and ended up drawing an old school D and D style dungeon. I thought it would be fun to actually write a dungeon crawler. I wrote up a few passages, then a few more. It wasn’t until I was about 50 passages in that I realised I’d have to write about 230 of them. I have more than 200 passages written so far, with almost all of the endings done (one missing I believe). I am struggling with idea’s, so the writing is slowing, and family matters have eaten a lot of time, however this will be my next released story. I’m hoping in the next 2 weeks to have it finished, with a day or two for testing.

Ok, that’s me done. By the end of the year I’d love to have all of my stories finished, brilliant writing or not.

I’d love to hear from anyone else ! How are you going with stories ? Does anyone have any idea’s they’d like to share, anything they want help with or to offer to help other people ?


Personally I have been working on one story.

Steel and Space: A science fiction story about a person who wakes up alone with no memory in a space vessel. They must search the ship to find out the reason why they are there and where they are headed. In the story I have been playing with having to look back in the physically printed story to answer future puzzles. Also, I have been trying to make it so if you do not explore you will be oblivious to some key story plots until later. It is a bit tricky, but the rough draft is going well so far.

I have never written a choose your own adventure type story before this. The process has been really fun! I have almost completed the work in twine. I have stalled lately though as I am waiting for the Choosatron writing app to come out.

Anyway, that is my work so far. I am looking forward to creating more stories in the future.


Awesome ! Sci-Fi is always a favourite of mine. My physical collection of books is 99% Sci-Fi.
I like the idea of missing parts of the story if you don’t explore.

I find Twine is great if you need to see the physical relation between passages, although it has a limitation that each passage needs to have a unique name. Write doesn’t require that, but it’s a little harder to see the overall story links.

I found mapping the story on paper has worked well, although my story is geared towards that. I still think it could work for a linear CYoA.

You can download a preview build of Write from my other topic. It will install and work, but does have a few issues, especially when you get over 50 or so passages.

Good luck on the story, and I look forward to reading it.


I have an existing Twine story that I wrote a couple of years ago that I would like to get onto the Choosatron. It’s no masterpiece by any stretch, it was just a quick story I wrote to learn how Twine worked. If anyone is interested, you can read the Twine original at http://takephive.com/ It has pictures too, which is something we aren’t going to get on the Choosatron unfortunately!

Future projects my involve a Minecraft related story, a topic that might get my kids interested.


I have completed a couple of small Choosatron stories if anyone wants to try them out:

  1. The Great Tissue Conspiracy (very linear, really just a test).
  1. Capital Cities (a five question, multi-choice quiz about capital cities).


I’ve finished all the passages in Dungeon Run (I really should think up a better name), and just need to hook them up using Write. There are about 40 passages to input, which will take a few hours over the weekend. I then need to test it to make sure I haven’t missed a passage link somewhere, and after that, I can upload it.

Once it’s ready, I’ll post a few details about it. All I’m willing to say is: It’s long, depending on how you approach the story.

Well this is frustrating… The Write software at 193 passages just doesn’t work well enough to allow me to add passages. I’m lucky to add one passage before it freezes and won’t do anything. I’m hoping to get the story finished today, but at the rate I’m going, I don’t know if that’s going to be possible.


Well, I wrote a micro-story to see how everything works. It’s very simple, but it gave me an idea of how the interface and exporting works for Write, as well as how it interacts with my Choosatron.

All Alone?

Everything is relatively simple to use. Looking forward to planning out some larger projects to cut my teeth on.

It would be great to find a way to export out of Write into a word doc for a little analog Choose-Your-Own-Adventuring…


You can export to a HTML file which can be played on a modern browser.
I supposed it wouldn’t be too hard (but somewhat time consuming) to print each page out and compile it into a book format.

Thanks for the story. It’s good to see other people working on them.

I found using grid paper helped for the one I wrote, but that’s because it was a somewhat linear story with specific directional based movement and branching. I could use each box in the grid as a “room” or passage, make a note as to the reference on the grid and keep track that way.

Also, it might be a better idea to write your passages (or at least keep a copy of them) in Notepad, Word or some other format. Occasionally Write would freeze when saving and I’d lose a few passages which was frustrating when I didn’t have a copy of them.