Undelivered machine


Hi, Is anyone else still waiting for their machines at all. Posted a couple times about not receiving it and I assume I’m being swept under the carpet as to hard.
I paid for an arcade machine and was one of the very very early backers (looking for a bit of sympathy if your reading this Jerry) and talked to Jerry a lot regarding the arcade mechanisms so still really hoping theres one floating around down the back of Jerrys couch. (even a basic one)
Hellllooooo Jerry, even a private message would be great!


I think, sadly, you’re pretty well much SOL. Like a lot of other people, I had high hopes for the Choosatron project, and honestly thought this could be a fun machine, teaching children how to creatively write, allow me to write the occasional amusing (or not) story. However, like a vast majority of Kickstarter projects, I think it was overly ambitious and became too much for just one person.

I hope you’re able to get some satisfaction and at least get a circuit board at the bare minimum. The rest of the stuff can be purchased online (the printer, keypad and power supply). You should find the case specs floating around somewhere here or at the Kickstarter page. Given that, it shouldn’t be too hard to make your own arcade style machine. The circuit boards are the same, you just need to wire up a switch (for coin entry) and some tactile buttons for choices.


I tweeted Jerry a couple of weeks ago about progress on Write. He replied:

@capnstoobie Progress was made. I really despise AngularJS, and regret using it as the dev framework. Getting closer.


I was lucky enough to finally receive a Choosatron (not the Arcade version - wow, you must be really unhappy to have never got it after backing at such a high level @Crozzy123 ). My printer died after a short while and I ended up having to order one from China - it was fairly expensive to buy just one, and the shipping wasn’t cheap either! Have you found one more locally @Rodneyn ? I’m actually in the UK and couldn’t find any suppliers here.

Thanks, Glenn.


I was only able to find one of the printers on alibaba. I had a good look back to the KS page, but wasn’t able to find the links I had in the comments which provided spare parts.

Deal Extreme had the pin pads, and I picked up a few from them: http://www.dx.com/p/maitech-1-x-4-digital-matrix-membrane-switch-positive-connection-matrix-keyboard-black-blue-300123 that’s one version, I’m sure there are more.

5 Pack: http://www.dx.com/p/zndiy-bry-1-x-4-key-slim-matrix-membrane-switch-control-panel-keypad-keyboard-black-blue-5-pcs-319357

And this appears to be the same printer (I didn’t check the specs thoroughly, so if you intend on buying one, do a bit more research please): http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/A5-58mm-5-9V-12V-RS232_60391154307.html

People on ebay only seem to sell the production versions with a fancy case, etc. I’m sure there are other places to get them other than Alibaba. Searching for a 58mm rs232 or ttl thermal printer seems to come up with the closest results, then it’s a case of searching through those results to find a compatible printer.

Here’s another one: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/CSN-A5-58mm-5-9V-12V_60342366575.html

They seem to be the same company, but trading from different addresses… Also, that second link requires a minimum order of 50 units :slight_smile:

Single unit purchase option: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/CSN-A5-58mm-cheap-panel-mount_60288854298.html