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Until Choosatron Write is released, we encourage everyone to setup their Choosatron Spark Account and get their Spark Core setup for Wifi. Follow the next section instructions for this. If you aren’t afraid of the command line, you can keep moving forward to setup the firmware, and get a set of 9 stories preloaded on your Choosatron.

Keep track of your Spark account credentials when you create your account!


  1. If you have a newer WiFi router, make sure legacy WiFi support is on. The Spark Core is compatible with 802.11 b/g networks.

  2. Download the Spark app for your Android or Apple device to create your Spark account and register your device. You will need to power the device from either 5V micro USB or plugged into the Choosatron board with the power adaptor also plugged in.

  3. Keep track of your Spark Credentials (email used, password). Also keep track of the Core ID, or make sure you understand how to find it again.

  4. If the mobile apps aren’t working, or if you need more details instructions or help getting an account and WiFi setup, please take a look at the following two links:

  5. Getting Started

  6. Connecting to Your Core

  7. At this point you have what you need ready for our simple update process to come next week. You will simply need to enter your Spark account credentials, and your Core ID, and next time the Spark Core powers up and connects to WiFi it will download the Choosatron firmware.

  8. Otherwise feel free to continue. Don’t worry, it is VERY unlikely you can mess up your Spark Core in a way that can’t be restored.

  9. Download the firmware and pre-loaded story files: cdam-v100-firm&

  10. Now follow the link for your platform for instructions on writing the firmware and stories to your Choosatron Kit:

Welcome to the Choosatron Community!