Sources for paper?


The only place I seem to find the paper (for those who need to know it’s 2 1/4" wide paper) is Staples, and it seems the only one that fits is the 75’ version - they have a 120’ but I think the roll is too large for the printer.

Alas, it’s fairly pricey at $30 or so for 12 rolls. The 120’ is only slightly more expensive. Plus, it doesn’t seem like it’s as good quality as stuff that got shipped, though it is mildly cheaper.

Anyone scout out replacement sources?

Yeah, i burned through my 5 starter rolls…


Ebay is actually a great source. Here is one where you get 50 of the largest rolls the Choosatron can take for $25!


I picked up these on Amazon–$20 for 50 rolls, 2 1/4" x 85’, and they qualify for Prime shipping:

They’ve worked great so far. And while 50 rolls seemed like overkill at the time, now that I’ve seen how much my kids love playing with the Choosatron, I’m glad we have the extra rolls.


I dropped into my local Officeworks here in Australia and got a pack of ten 57mm x 45mm rolls for about $7.50