Sourceforge DFU driver currently down - 7/22


I’m working on getting my Choosatron operational but have hit a snag with the dfu driver. Sourceforge is currently down due to a storage fault. Is there an alternate site to download the dfu util so I can get the firmware rolling or should I just wait it out?


Which operating system is this for ?
I can’t recall if Windows is the only one that requires DFU. It may well be.
Here is the version I have on my HD, and that worked for me. Download
Alternatively, this is the directory for the Win32 version straight from SourceForge.


Thanks for the help. I was able to get both of my Choosatron’s running. Bit of a learning curve for me, but I’m thrilled to get it done. Now to start writing some stories for it.


That’s awesome to hear.
The good news is that now it’s set up, adding stories via SD card is a breeze.