So is this project dead?


I got my machine, I got it up and running with the default stories but have never seen anything about how to create and upload our own stories. Are we dead in the water now ? did I miss anything ?


Sadly, it’s pretty well dead as far as I can tell. The Write software is very outdated, lacks features and is buggy. It is possible to create your own stories and upload them to the Choosatron using it, but it is not a very straightforward process.

Have a search around these forums, there are a few posts that explain how to do it.

But overall this project has ended up a big disappointment. I’ve tried tweeting the creator once or twice (his Twitter is @j3rrytron), asking if there are plans to finish development, but have had no response.

Real shame, as the device had so much potential if it had decent software support. My kids were initially really enthusiastic for it, but their interest waned as it was too complicated to work with.

If you can’t find the relevant threads to get at least some basic functionality, reply here and I will see if I can help.



I think, like big hair bands of the early 80’s, there’s been no official announcement of the projects demise, it’s just faded into obscurity.

It’s rather sad. The idea was brilliant, however the execution, like a lot of Kickstarter projects was shit house. I got the impression that too much of the money was used to fund overseas promotions of the Choosatron, rather than being pushed into the development of the product itself.

So here we are, lesson learned, with sadly another Kickstarter failure.

I’d love to see how the firmware works on the device, and try to work out the software format. Sadly, I just don’t have the interest in the device anymore. I’ve not even looked at mine in 9-12 months.


As someone who has backed nearly four hundred Kickstarter projects, I would not consider the Choosatron a failed project. I have a working Choosatron with fifty stories sitting on my office desk and many people use it every day. Materially a better outcome than many Kickstarter projects.

That being said, just because it produced something workable does not mean that we all don’t feel jilted. It sucks that the arcade version DID fail and that many aspects of the project never materialized.

While the project was profoundly disappointing, the fact that no other Kickstarter I’ve backed has actually touched so many people in such a positive way makes it a sort of positive for me.

Cutting Through the Corn,



I have mine in hand and have only a few stories in it, how did you get 50 stories ? is there some instructions on adding more ?


Jerrytron released a file with a bunch more stories in them. You can put these stories with the originals (and scrape around the forum for more) on a microSD and you’ve nearly got 50 stories.

I’m at work right now or I’d repost the stories.

Not sure if you care, but the additional stories are not necessarily comparable with children (non-traditional narrative or subject matter issues).