Replacement Case


My replacement case turned up today. I had totally forgotten about it.
This one is completely clear, rather than the blue I originally received.

I’m actually quite pleased about that.

Now for the downside. I’m not sure I can assemble mine. The tolerances are that tight there is no wiggle room at all. I seem to have gone from Jenga to solid steel. I’ll probably need to sand down some of the legs to get them to fit. It’s only a fraction of a millimetre, but it’s enough with rigid plastic to stop things from going together smoothly.

It’s a better fit, but it’s tighter than a fishes arse.


I received mine as well but it did not survive shipping from China - The top part that supports the printer was broken in two places rendering it useless - I really want to start using the Choosatron with my daughter - I guess I am going to have to fashion a case myself - does anyone have a good idea for an alternative case? I was thinking an insulated tin of some description?




Ah, that’s a shame.

I managed to put a hairline fracture in one side panel before I managed to shave one of the pegs properly. It’s barely noticeable, and that’s not the problem, it’s now weaker on that part. I also can’t put the clips in. They just won’t fit.

A suggestion: Take the parts, trace them onto some thin MDF, cut it out and sand it down to fit better.
Someone on the forums also made a lego case.
I did make a 3D printed case, but I haven’t test printed it yet. I’ll be buying a much larger 3D printer in the next few weeks / month or so and want to do the design again, and try to print a case.

Good luck and keep us apprised of how to get on.


even thou they look the same I believe each hole and peg were designed for each other. what I’m saying is if a panel doesn’t go in one way try flipping or reverse and if not try another piece. also need both pegs into the holes at the same time at the almost exact angle to be able to go in.

yes tolerance is as tight as fish’s arse but I managed to assemble in 3-4 min and I’m not good at LEGO so shouldn’t be easy for others who are good with their hands. :smile:

my kids are now happy camper and already talking of bring it to their school…

now where and how can I load more story to my unit?
do I need to pull apart the case to take out the SparkCore to do that? (hope not…)


Thanks for the update on the replacement cases - I was wondering when they were coming (haven’t received mine yet).

Do the new cases provide access to the SD slot? Until Write is finished, I don’t think I’m going to be using any case that doesn’t give me easy access to the SD slot.


unfortunately no.
of coz one can always drill out to make hole. :smile:


I did find a strange variation in the design when it comes to the slot holes. It is very slight, but enough to make some slots tougher to use than others. I corrected it a few weeks ago during tweaking for my own laser cutting!