Progress update on Write?


Write does work, just not very well.

You could easily copy the text from twine into the Write app and manually link up the passages. You can import Twine stories, but it’s somewhat flaky at the moment and may not import things properly.

I would be nice to see some extra stories and give my daughter and I something else to read. We’ve been through everything we have more than once.

I know I’d appreciate any effort you put into converting the stories so we could all read them.


Thanks for letting me know it Write does function. I will try to give it a shot next week.


I know I’ve been pretty silent, and I need to do a full kickstarter update with much of this info, but I want to at least give you something until I’m able to sit down and do that. I wanted to mention that a major refactor of Write that I was working on in July (on it’s own branch, so you may not have seen the progress) was pushed to the development branch. It brings a LOT of memory / stabilization fixes, twine import fixes, and binary export fixes. I was able to put about two weeks of work into it, and got it closer to USB story maintenance and transfer for internal memory, but ran out of time. I had to move on to a consulting job for August and part of September, and final stuff for my October wedding. I will be able to work on it again a week from now, and my goal is to get story info / transfer working. That would mean Choosatron account and device setup would be working, basic story creation working (or pull from Twine), export binaries to use with an SD card, and over USB story transfer / ability to see what is on your Choosatron will be ready.

Here is a zip with a huge number of the Choosatron stories in binary form. Download, play, share them as you like. Obviously I’m planning to be more organized, and I’m putting them in a repository for tracking / etc, but at least you can play them now. There are more, but some need fixing first. The book will be done when it’s done, an editing is going through the stories one-by-one. The reason I didn’t release these along with initial setup, is that many of them are NOT suitable for kids. Authors wrote what they wanted, and after I started receiving them I encouraged more family friendly stories, but as it wasn’t a requirement from the beginning, many are in the PG-13 to R rating zone.

As far as the missing extras:
Complete redesign of all writing and Choosatron software: This is done for the firmware, and the writing platform represents the rest of it. Once maintaining stories on the Choosatron is ready, should be able to release 1.0 and this will be fulfilled.

A Custom game by 9th Level Games: Correct, this hasn’t been started. Until the writing platform is out, and all physical rewards supplied, I’m not going to attempt this. It may or may not happen, as enough time has passed (yes, I know this is my fault), that I can’t hold them to this promise.

TWO professionally designed Choosatron housings to be done by Tim Bachman: I was in touch with Tim about this quite a while ago, and unfortunately he had to back out, didn’t have the availability. I tried, but this was out of my control, and taught me another lesson in handling extras from outside parties.

Another free gamebook adventure from Tin Man games!: This was provided as was complete either during or just after the Kickstarter.

An official Choosatron T-Shirt design will be made!: This was complete, but admittedly forgotten in the shuffle. I hadn’t put it up on a t-shirt ordering site because I hadn’t heard any requests for it, it was low priority, and then just got forgotten. I’m happy to release the design or set it up for order if anyone wants.

The one comment I will make in my defense of percentage complete, I think the hardware Choosatrons, story content, and writing application count for much more than the rest of the items combined. Still plenty of work for me to do, but 50% isn’t correct.

Let me know if there are any questions. I’m trying to get back on top of things, and I’m sorry I’ve had to take steps away, but rent / family / etc… I can’t do much other than keep working toward the goals as I’m able, but I will continue to do so. Just know I’m plenty disappointed in myself for what I wasn’t able to accomplish within the budget and time allotted. Almost all of this is a money issue. As soon as a creator runs out of money, progress drops quickly because everyone needs to eat and pay rent. Suddenly time and attention is split, and there is no way to regain the original momentum. If anyone has a solution, I am all ears! Thanks, and I’ll keep trying.


Arcade machines

Wow! THANK YOU for the stories and the update . . . and THANK YOU FOR THE STORIES!



I see an unfortunate pattern in your sporadic updates Jerry. It’s very disappointing.


It’s not so much a pattern as the way things are. I’m not keeping any secrets about why that is either. I’m disappointed as well, but I’ll continue forward.


I see only harm to your awaiting audience in making you feel awful for not hitting your time-line. Sure, let’s stay accountable, but you are making progress and are slowly working your way down the list. Whatever keeps you on the project is good for us all.

If that’s a virtual a$$-chewing, let us know!

Otherwise, thanks for continuing to make it work.


Oh, and I’d buy a t-shirt! :wink:


Have been running all 40+ stories on my work office Choosatron for a week or so now – including Rodneyn’s Dungeon Run. It’s been a huge hit.

Some of those stories, man . . . got quite a bit of punch! Especially the “You’re Dead” one.


Hey, is there any guide on how to get these new stories onto the Choosatron? It would be great if there would be an easy to follow guide on how to do this. I’m really at a loss here.

Would be very grateful for the help!

EDIT: I found some tips on doing this with SD crads in one of the other threads, I’ll see if I can get it running.


Hi Jerry… well, here we are, nearly at the end of 2015…

GitHub is showing that there have not been any new commits to the Master codebase since June 14th, and nothing on the Develop branch since August 31st. Is Write dead? Is it still on your radar? Is there any hope that this might be finished at some point?

I know there have been many issues and life events preventing you from finishing it, but then again you have a commitment to your backers. I write this not to slam you, but to encourage you to communicate openly and honestly with the people that believed in you enough to open their wallets to you. I sincerely hope you will provide an update soon, and some semblance of a timeline for completion of the Write platform.


Hey @Veloz,

It isn’t dead, but I don’t blame you for feeling that way. You are correct, I have a commitment and I need to block out some real time to make a big push forward to releasing something.

My goal is to get a release out by the end of January. The release will setup new Choosatrons, allow story writing, and at least allow exporting stories for SD card, but hopefully also USB transfer, which is very close, but needs a lot of testing.

I’m getting my head back in the game.


Thanks for the update, Jerry.

I know there are a lot of us supporters here that are grateful to hear this news.


Thank you for the update! I am really looking forward to being able to use Write!



Can we please get an update on the status of Choosatron Write?


Hey! So, just a reminder, it really helps if you actually tag my name, otherwise I get no notification (like this @jerrytron).

The last few weekends I’ve been hard at work on it, working on fixing / cleaning up the Choosatron setup process. I’m almost finished with that, so you can plug in a new Choosatron create a Particle account, setup WiFi, and have the firmware downloaded automatically. The second piece there, which is even closer to ready is writing firmware from the app directly, for offline setup.

Then I can finish the Choosatron data management which reads story info that is on the Choosatron, lets you know how much space there is and where the space is going, toggle settings on the Choosatron, remove stories, and write stories.

Story writing and binary building works. So getting the piece above finished up should allow some beta testing to happen. I want to get that out if only to get help with development, since it’s so hard to block off large chunks of unpaid time to do this while working (again, not an excuse, just my reality). I’m not a professional web coder, but I know a little help from people with more web dev know-how, will help clean it up quickly.

I’m working on the dev branch of the choosatron-write repository, so you should be able to see things happening there.



Any updates, @jerrytron? The Github repo has been quiet since April.


Checking in again, @jerrytron … any updates you can give to close out 2016?


@jerrytron any updates? I do not believe it’s unreasonable to get an update after 9 months. Thank you.


RIP Choosatron… So much potential. I don’t hold anything against you @jerrytron