Please set Choosatron free


@jerrytron , at this point to try and see your project continue to grow and possibly reach a finale, I ask that you release the design details to us backers. I have had a great time with Choosatron up to now, but it is NOT a complete product. I backed your wonderful idea with the understanding that I would have an easy to use writing solution for my students.

I ask that you release both software and hardware details (schematics, firmware code, Write code, etc.) to the community and hopefully we - as a whole - can see this continue to grow.

With this info, I will do my best to contribute back to the community anything and everything I can to see this idea continue development.



Here, here. There are plenty of people who would love to see this project working. I’m one of them. Open source it Jerry!


Agreed - I would like to see this project continued!


Adding another voice in support of this request!

Are you out there, Jerry?



+1 for open sourcing!