Numbers preceding passages


I have created 2 stories using Write. The second story (“Capital Cities”) has a little problem where a passage is preceded by the option number the user chose at the last passage. For example, if during the story you choose “option 2”, when the Choosatron prints up the next passage it starts with “2.” and then prints the text of the passage. My first story doesn’t do that. This happens for every single passage in the story, by the way.

This only happens when playing the story on the Choosatron. If I preview the story in Write, there are no preceding numbers.

Any ideas?


I went through a bunch of stories I’ve printed & played, they all show the option number that’s been chosen only where there is more than one option.

For example, your passages reads:

There are three doors here, each looks no different from the other. You believe one leads outside, one to certain death, one to riches. You much choose a door.
1/ Door 1
2/ Door 2
3/ Door 3

When you pick one, the Choosatron will print:

  1. You picked right. Untold riches are yours.

However if you have:

The hallway continues on, and it’s imperative you make it to the end. The large rolling ball behind you prevents you from moving backwards.

  1. Continue

It’ll print:

Walking forward, it’s like the ball keeps pace with your steps. Could it be sentient.

Try it out. Create several passages with only one option, and you should find you don’t get the number printed before the passage.

Thinking about it, I’m not sure if I do or don’t like the idea now. It makes for an effective cheat sheet being able to see past choices, then again, I don’t want people just printing reams and reams of paper or getting bored and walking away because they can’t remember previous choices and keep repeating themselves.


Thanks for your detective work, that makes perfect sense!