KS Reward Fulfillment Status


Last Updates: March 22nd, 2015

Blue, Clear, and Wood Choosatron Kit Status - DONE

  • Design Complete: YES
  • Manufacturing Complete: YES
  • All Units Shipped: YES

Customer Support for Shipped Kits

  • Support Tickets Generated for Customers: YES
  • Replacement Window Closed: YES
  • Replacement Report Sent to Manufacturer: YES
  • Replacement Parts Shipped: NO

Choosatron Write (Setup & Writing App)

  • Choice Based Writing Features: YES
  • Firmware Setup: YES
  • Choosatron Cloud Claiming: YES
  • Story Binary Generation: PARTIAL (Operations and conditions are unimplemented)
  • YModem Transfer Protocol: NO
  • WiFi Transfer Protocol: NO

Arcade Choosatron Kit Status

  • Design Complete: NO, laser cutting plans still in design.
  • Manufacturing Complete: YES
  • All Units Shipped: NO

Choosatron Book Status

  • Stories Complete: YES
  • Stories Edited: NO
  • Book Cover Designed: NO
  • Book Structure Generated: NO
  • Book Complete: NO
  • Book Shipped: NO

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