How to find WiFi MAC address / add new network?


I set up the Spark at work - was easier to do so but I assembled it at home. Problem is, my home network requires the MAC address before I can pass it the credentials to set it up. How do I find the MAC address?

Second - how do I add another network?


My understanding is that you can’t have multiple accounts on the Choosatron at the same time. As for finding the WiFi MAC address it might be easier to turn off your MAC filtering (honestly, it’s a few seconds to bypass anyway) then connect the Choosatron to your home WiFi, then add the newest MAC to your filtering list and turn your filtering back on again.


@Worf The Spark Core can store a maximum of, I believe, 7 sets of network credentials. I will correct this post if I track down the definitive answer. I can confirm that it is definitely more than one though!


First, yep, @jerrytron is correct, Spark Core can remember up to 7 sets of network credentials. :+1:

Second, here’s how you can get the Spark Core’s MAC address.

Go to and paste the code from this gist:

Build and flash it to your Core either over the air if it’s online or using dfu-util.

The Core will send its MAC address 3 different ways, you can choose the one that’s easiest for you:

  • Over USB serial every 10 seconds (screen, putty, coolterm, minicom, etc.)
  • Published (privately) to a Spark event stream every 10 seconds
    (try spark subscribe mine with the Spark command line tool)
  • Variable readable via the API[DEVICE_ID]/mac?access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN]

When you’re all finished follow the instructions in the Getting Started category to put Choosatron firmware back on the Spark Core!