Hi to Whoever Might Still Be Here!


Hello, empty room! My name’s Caelyn Sandel.

I’m an experienced Interactive Fiction author, responsible for stories like Traveler and The Skeleton Key of Ambady.
I’m also a backer of the Choosatron who failed to even put together her kit for literal years. Whoops.

Anyway, I’ve got the little guy together. It took some doing—I had an adventure in USB cables, and my spark app does not want to play nicely with the core, but… well, I got it up and running. Now the next step is to start writing games so I can share them with you. Only trouble is how to get my stuff onto the machine. I’m hoping to convert from simple Twine files once I know how what I can and can’t do with them, but if anyone has any insight, I’d love to hear from you.


Hi Caelyn,

Sorry I don’t have any specific information for you, but I believe you can find out how to get stories onto your Choosatron if you search this forum. A while ago I did make up a short story with a beta version of Choosatron Write by @jerrytron. It was a bit buggy but usable if your story wasn’t too long - sorry I don’t remember the specifics anymore.

I played your game Traveler - it was very atmospheric and I liked how you showed the ship’s display :slight_smile:


Thanks much!

I tried using Write, but it’s… pretty broken. So I reached out directly to @jerrytron and managed to get his twine conversion script running, and I confirmed that it does in fact make working .dam binaries! So you all can expect some choosatron games out of me before too long. :smiley:


Thanks for mentioning Jerry’s twine script, I had forgotton about that. I might get out my Choosatron now and have a play too :slight_smile:


Look forward to some more games to add to the little guy.


@jerrytron Just wanted to also chime in that I’d love an update to the ability to write new stories.