Choosatron Write Issues


So after quite a few headaches trying to build the Choosatron Write app, I’ve managed to do so and get it installed on Chrome for Windows.

There are a few issues. The first being:

There were warnings when trying to install this extension:
‘web_accessible_resources’ is only allowed for extensions, hosted apps, and legacy packaged apps, but this is a packaged app.
‘fileBrowserHandler’ is not allowed for specified platform.

My guess would be that the app is being tested on a different version of Chrome (for Mac?) and the Windows version doesn’t like what it sees.

Secondly, once the app is running I create a profile and it gives me an option to:

Setup Cloud Link Account

This doesn’t do anything at all. It just sits there and I have to close the app and start it up again.

Importing Twine stories fails and does nothing. It just creates a new blank story. Also on this note, Twine uses a .tws extension on Windows, not .tw as noted in the app.

Importing either type of story immediately forces you to save it again. This seems a little unnecessary when importing a .json story based file.

Edit: I wonder which story format the Choosatron Write format actually imports. Twine has Sugarcane, Jonah, Tiddly Wiki 1 & 2 formats. I’ll test them all out over the next day or so and see which one actually works. If someone figures it out, please let us all know.

A few more issues discovered with the write software:

The little popup that says

Links| Links to a passage with x choices

This often stays on the screen permanently.

Also, when writing a story and you set a passage as an ending, there is no way back to the beginning. You have to ‘Play Story’, then ‘Edit Story’ to get back to the start. Seems a bit of a slow way around.


@Rodneyn At the moment I don’t have much to say other than it isn’t ready for release, and is still in flux on cleaning things up, and finishing a number of things in order to put a version in the Chrome Store that we are confident people can use it. The code is available, and we were already aware of the issues you have noted. The warnings are on both platforms.

If you want to help us track issues now that the new repository is up, feel free to head to the issues page on github and start writing them up! That is a value to us.

Feel free to explore the code, but it is not supported, and can’t be, until version 1.0 is out. Apologies if there was confusion about this!



Oh, concerning the Twine format that it imports, it should actually be the source code of a story. From Twine you can export the source code to a regular text file.


@jerrytron It’s all good. I wasn’t sure how functional the software would be and whether the issues I faced were due to compilation or platform problems.

I updated my version of Twine (it was rather old), and tried the export again, I still didn’t get the file to import correctly. However I was able to import a story I created in the .json format.

I’ve started adding issues to the issue tracker and will keep putting them up there as they surface. Any chance of creating a stickied thread with release information, so those of us who are happy to ‘Roll our own’ can compile updated versions each time there is a major release between now and V1.0 ?


Thanks @Rodneyn. Creating issues is extremely helpful as we are rushing around, and working on focusing efforts. Good idea on a stickied thread. It’ll be easier to track changes with issues, and as we nail down final features. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. As a hobbyist developer I realise that when I make software, I use it in a specific fashion, however other people may not do so. So they may see issues that I wouldn’t. Having a bug tracker is going to make the software better as us users will do things you’re not expecting.

On a side note, do you have an issue with me providing compiled builds for people to use ? Not everyone will be willing to compile the source and not everyone will be able too. I’m happy to do it for the time being, until you get up to a proper App store release.


I realize I hadn’t responded to this! Apologies.

Go ahead and supply builds! Happy to have the help, especially in this interim time.