Choosatron Case - Revision 18


This design revision is a pretty major one! It is the first major redesign in about a year, and was in response to the brittle acrylic shipped with the initial Kickstarter orders. To be clear, it isn’t that the acrylic itself is bad, but rather doesn’t fit the design scheme involving small hooks and snaps.

You can download the Corel Draw laser cutting files, as well as the EPS export for both standard laser cutters and using the Ponoko online service here: Choosatron Case Laser Plans - Rev 18

We also fixed the tolerance issue around the power input hole (it was too tight), and added more cuttable bits around the optional power switch hole.

If you wish to add a power switch to your Choosatron, take a look at the Adding a Power Switch guide.

An annealing process (reheating the acrylic after cut) would likely strengthen the acrylic enough as to match the acrylic we were originally working with, where the hooks and snaps worked quite well.

In any case, this design is to remove all need for small, thin parts when it comes to structural integrity. The case is secured by four bars, each with two tabs that fall into place (essentially four gravity locks).

We didn’t want the design to restrict you from open the case back up, as this is a kit to be modded and changed.

Here are a few better look at the full case.

Link to the plans again: Choosatron Case Laser Plans - Rev 18


Is it possible to get replacement parts for the broken sides where the acrylic was too brittle?


I’m trying to work out a source for this. One plan I’m already moving forward on is getting new cases cut locally that I can sell at cost to customers with the old case. I was looking at using Ponoko, an online laser cutting service, but with shipping in the US, just ONE case ends up costing $35, which is insane.

Other than that, at the moment the only other options is finding someone to laser cut a new case for you.

If there is anyone here with an enterprising spirit and access to a laser cutter, maybe they will be able to help create a supply and sell them at a reasonable cost. I’ll update this when I have more to add!


I am aiming to print up some cases . . . but am hesitant to pull the trigger before asking about the THICKNESS upon which we are supposed to print.

Ponoko has several thickness options and print size options (P1, P2, P3). It seems as if the case is optimized for .118 thickness with a size of P2, but before I start throwing down I’d love some confirmation! Anyone know about thickness and size?

Happy Choosatroning!


Hey @rompcat, are you talking 3D printing or laser cutting? Thus far all cases have been laser cut using 1/8" thick material, and will fit within a 12" x 12" cutting area, so P2 is large enough.


I’m talkin’ laser cutting at Ponoko. I’m itching for some wood cases (my case is a half-broken blue acrylic one). A Ponoko designer isn’t quite sure about the dimensions, either. They only have one wood at 1/8th - “hardboard” - and I’m a bit worried that if I get one cut from too big a plank it won’t scale correctly.

Thank you for responding! Maybe I’ll see if I can get that Ponoko designer to look at it again to confirm. Maybe I can get it cut from a nicer wood if possible.


I wanted to report that I bit the bullet and ordered a P2, .118 thickness, acrylic case from Pokono a couple months ago. I used the above-posted Revision 18 case plan.

It was beautiful!

If ANYONE wants to try the service, sign up and use a coupon code to get a one-off case for a good price. If you are using ACRYLIC, however, go for the shatter-resistant option. My Chooseatron was in a clear acrylic from Pokono . . . I even carved intricate fasteners for the thing. . . . but Choosatron was installed in my office, and some rollicking dope staggered through and wiped my desk of accoutrements . . . and the Choosatron case shattered to smithereens!

Got it in a handsome wooden case now . . . Which is rollicking-dope resistant.

That’s all I got.