Any way to flash the DAM file to the Choosatron?


@jerrytron, it works ! That’s awesome. I am curious, is the appended passage meant to ask to continue or just print out ? I know some of the built in stories have a ‘Press any button to continue’ when some passages are too long.
I don’t mind either way, but I think the ‘continue’ option would stop people from thinking there is too much to read.

As for the bug… Woohoo ! The rhyme wasn’t set to fit into a special size. I just wrote it out and that’s how it ended up. It’s good to see it picked up early on though, but then that’s one more thing to fix…

The ‘save’ bug I’ve posted may not be related to saving after all. I’ve turned autosave off, and added around 12 passages last night, but towards the end the app virtually stopped. When it slowed to taking 15 seconds per character to display, I tried to save and the app…stopped part way through saving (with the button stuck in a ghosted state). It didn’t save the last passage when I reloaded the app and the story.

I might PM you my story @jerrytron, so you can see how slow it is with 127 passages.

I’ll also update the build thread with the most recent dev build.


Yay! Yeah, I want to implement a feature for continues, or even to automatically insert them. Append is meant to be seamless. Maybe we add a continue options alongside append? So you pick? Either seamless, or a way to break things up. Hmm…


Would a check box work ? On the append passage page (or on the main page where the appended passage shows as a link) have a check box: Force Button Press to Continue ?

That would mean an additional flag / condition to check for, rather than a whole new passage type.

It’s not a priority at the moment, I don’t have too many appended passages (about 6 I believe in total). I’ll add it to the bug tracker / feature request.


This can definitely be done. It wouldn’t be extra work on the parser since internally we’d just make a single choice with a bit of default “1. Continue” type text. I was even thinking having a gentle warning when there is a lot of copy in a passage, or even allow an inline continue tag so you aren’t creating extra passage just for the sake of breaking it up. Good stuff to think about!


After getting the fix in to the source. I ended up changing the passage from an append to a normal passage and just linked it via a continue option anyway (it was a ‘Duh’ moment). It seems to work for my purpose. However, it would be nice to have still.

I uploaded a feature request the other day, with a mock photo of how I think it would look.

I also think the issue with the slowdown has to do with the stack being over run. I’ll post another bug, but watching the app using Google’s Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tools, it shows a fair few minor issues.


I saw! Thanks for going to the expect as to a quick visual mockup. :slight_smile: Yeah, the slowdown thing is a major issue. This last week was a mess, but after today will calm down. I’ll be finally diving back in so I can debug slowdown issues, and test / finish up setup coding.


Awesome news. I’ve taken to writing all my passages in a text file, so I can continue writing. At 186 passages, the app is getting a lot harder to use (at least I know it’s limitations).

I am getting somewhat stuck, having written 190+ different passages in a dungeon. I was hoping to have finished by now, but work and other generic life issues have gotten in the way. Hopefully the next 25-30 passages won’t take more than a week or so to finish.