Adding a Power Switch to your Choosatron


You may have noticed that the Choosatron board has a place for a power switch, and even the back panel on the Choosatron case includes rectangle that can be pushed or cut out to make space for one as well. This guide is to help you add a power switch if you so choose!

Step 1 - Buying a Switch

Here is a link to purchase the proper switch: Power Switch at Digikey
You can buy from elsewhere, but make sure the orientation of the legs, and position, match this.

Step 2 - Gathering Your Parts

You’ll need to gather your parts and tools together.


  • Your New Power Switch
  • The Choosatron Board
  • The Choosatron Case Back Panel


  • A Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Wire Cutters
  • An X-Acto Knife

Step 3 - Cutting the Trace

First, make sure your power switch matches the pictures. It’s legs should go through the top two holes, where the cutting square is in between them.

With the X-Acto knife, scrape back and forth along the white lines that cross the trace. I like to do both to be thorough, and sometimes even scrape out the material in between. As long as the connection is cut though, it’ll be fine. Also, nothing bad will happen if you don’t cut deep enough, it will just always be powered on.

Step 4 - Securing the Switch

To make soldering easier, you should tape, or otherwise secure the power switch into position.

Step 5 - Soldering the Legs

If you have a Helping Hands, or other method to secure the board into position while soldering, do that now.

Heat up your soldering iron, and solder both legs. Make sure it doesn’t bubble, the sure sign of a weak solder joint.

Step 6 - Clip the Legs

You can remove the tape, or whatever you used to hold the power switch in place. Take your wire cutters, and clip off the extra leg metal from the power switch. You want the board to still fit in the case!

Step 7 - Test the Switch

Make sure the power switch is off (the ‘O’), and plug your power adapter into your Choosatron board. You don’t need to have the Spark Core plugged in, but it won’t hurt, and it is also a good indicator if power is flowing or not.

If the red power LED lights up with the switch off, you didn’t cut the trace deeply enough!

Otherwise, flip the power switch. If the red power LED now lights up, you did it!

Step 8 - Preparing the Case

Now that the board is ready, you need to punch out the rectangle in the back panel of the Choosatron case. You can probably just push it through with your thumb. Feel free to use the X-Acto knife too.

Feel free to trim away the tiny plastic bits inside of the power switch hole to make sure the switch will fit smoothly.

Now try it out with your modded board!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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